Looking Back at Yesterday's Hits Once the Popcorn Settles

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  • Coming Soon – Back Bar

    A big announcement about season three and the future of our humble little show! What you need to know: -Go into your podcasts and find the new show “Back Bar” -Hit Subscribe -Wait a month and the classics from seasons one & two of Bar None will appear for your downloading pleasure -Tune in next…

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  • Check out our latest!

    Check out our latest!

    We’re gearing up for season 2, and in that spirit, we’re bringing you our first episode without spirits! May 1 marked the release of our Season 2 preamble: One Hundred Percent Virtue, celebrating the making of that signature mocktail, the Shirley Temple. Give us a listen, and if you’re in the mood for a good…

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  • Weekly Update – Post Tales!

    Well, it’s been a week since we headed back from Tales, so here’s a quick recap, now that we can breath: These guys went to this place to pass out these things at this thing saw this             were like and then kept pitching these at things like this and…

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  • Weekly Update – Tales of the Cocktail

    Tales is here and so are we!  This week is going incredibly well, and right now, we are on our penultimate day at Tales of the Cocktail. We’ve met some amazing personalities, garnered great contacts, and are moving forward with some very exciting projects for season 2.     For photos, videos, and updates on…

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  • Weekly Check in 5

    Howdy all! After a whirlwind week visiting New York and launching our Patreon, we’re back and gearing up for July! We’ve got a new logo to show off to you all, and swag books for our upcoming trip! While June was our Patreon Launch, July will see Greg and Keegan off to New Orleans for…

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  • Weekly Check in 4

        So this weekend the Bar None Crew is getting together in Sunny Sunny NYC! We’ll be shooting a video for our new Patreon Page, introducing Keegan to some of our favorite Bar None guests from season one, as well as the bars they own. We also have some big news coming next week…

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  • Weekly Check in 3

    So it’s the end of negroni week, and we’ve got some updates for you all! This Wednesday we are launching our Patreon page! If you enjoyed our transcripts and want to know where to find them… you might want to check there! Next weekend, Greg and Keegan will be meeting up in sunny sunny NYC…

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