Looking Back at Yesterday's Hits Once the Popcorn Settles

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  • Dry January; a Sort-Of Love Letter

    It’s January’s sad curse to be the month of personal improvement. Not gluttonous like November, festive like December or mercifully short like February January becomes a sad receptacle for all the stuff we know we should do but would never in a million years and with a straight face claim that we want to. Exercising…

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  • Check out our latest!

    Check out our latest!

    We’re gearing up for season 2, and in that spirit, we’re bringing you our first episode without spirits! May 1 marked the release of our Season 2 preamble: One Hundred Percent Virtue, celebrating the making of that signature mocktail, the Shirley Temple. Give us a listen, and if you’re in the mood for a good…

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  • Weekly Check in 5

    Howdy all! After a whirlwind week visiting New York and launching our Patreon, we’re back and gearing up for July! We’ve got a new logo to show off to you all, and swag books for our upcoming trip! While June was our Patreon Launch, July will see Greg and Keegan off to New Orleans for…

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  • First Weekly Update!

    Hey there fans – as we plan out season 2, we’re committing to weekly updates with you all. In that vein, this week we’re busy game planning for next season!  We’re reaching out to potential networks, starting in on research and laying some foundations for season 2. Greg’s co-authoring an encyclopedia of spirits for a…

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  • Where Not to Order a Sazerac

    Your mechanic doesn’t want to take a look at your refrigerator. Your dentist doesn’t have any idea what’s up with your knee. The guy at the dive bar doesn’t want to make you a Sazerac.

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