Looking Back at Yesterday's Hits Once the Popcorn Settles

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  • Coming Soon – Back Bar

    A big announcement about season three and the future of our humble little show! What you need to know: -Go into your podcasts and find the new show “Back Bar” -Hit Subscribe -Wait a month and the classics from seasons one & two of Bar None will appear for your downloading pleasure -Tune in next…

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  • Dry January; a Sort-Of Love Letter

    It’s January’s sad curse to be the month of personal improvement. Not gluttonous like November, festive like December or mercifully short like February January becomes a sad receptacle for all the stuff we know we should do but would never in a million years and with a straight face claim that we want to. Exercising…

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  • Check out our latest!

    Check out our latest!

    We’re gearing up for season 2, and in that spirit, we’re bringing you our first episode without spirits! May 1 marked the release of our Season 2 preamble: One Hundred Percent Virtue, celebrating the making of that signature mocktail, the Shirley Temple. Give us a listen, and if you’re in the mood for a good…

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  • The History of How We Eat, part two

    The History of How We Eat, part two

    This is the conclusion of a two-part series. Part one can be found on this blog under August’s posts. One of the interesting things you notice about the Southern Food and Beverage Museum’s live-in neighbor, the Museum of the American Cocktail, is that it has a very up to the minute collection. Of course there…

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  • The History of How We Eat, part one

    The History of How We Eat, part one

    There’s a fact about museums that I think we’ve all internalized without ever really noticing it. But if you go to a human origins exhibit and follow our evolution from the dawn of the species down through the hunter gatherer days to the advent of civilization you’ll start to pick up on something rather curious…

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  • Weekly Update – Post Tales!

    Well, it’s been a week since we headed back from Tales, so here’s a quick recap, now that we can breath: These guys went to this place to pass out these things at this thing saw this             were like and then kept pitching these at things like this and…

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  • Dueling Brunchos

    For Bottomless – the Bloody Mary, we looked at a series of conflicting opinions on the polarizing issue of brunch. No two opinions could have been more different, nor well argued, as the two posited by Sother Teague and Chef Kyle Bailey. Their interviews are fully transcribed below,  side by side, to weigh the points…

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  • Vermouth & The House Savoy

    Our upcoming July Episode is on the Martini.  To tide you all by, here’s a story about one of your most ubiquitous and finicky ingredients: Vermouth.   Vermouth is one of the hardest ingredients to keep well in a bar. The persnickety concoction just won’t keep.  For that reason, it either has to be replaced…

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  • New Recipe Page

    As we compose our chapters, so we grow our appendices.  We now have an ongoing bibliography page, as well as a new Recipe page.  This recipe page contains both the recipes from our podcast episodes and those contained on our youtube site.  Check back weekly for new recipes and links to videos! Cheers, K & G

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  • Where Not to Order a Sazerac

    Your mechanic doesn’t want to take a look at your refrigerator. Your dentist doesn’t have any idea what’s up with your knee. The guy at the dive bar doesn’t want to make you a Sazerac.

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  • A Curious Cocktail

    The best things are often a mix of something old and new.  A familiar, tried-and-true flavor with a fresh twist. That’s kind of our dynamic: We’ve got a experienced bartender and man-of-world putting together a podcast to enlighten, to entertain, to sate the masses. He’s seen things, he’s read things, he’s learned things.  And Bar None…

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  • Keys to the Kingdom

    It’s a weird question to ask of anybody you’re interviewing, but certainly an odd one to save until last. On the tape you can even hear me stumble through it, not quite sure exactly how to put this strange, unanswered bit of information:  “Umm, so what… Actually one thing I’m kind of curious about, this…

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