Looking Back at Yesterday's Hits Once the Popcorn Settles

A Curious Cocktail

Photo by K. Cassady.  Ingredients by the Heights.

The best things are often a mix of something old and new.  A familiar, tried-and-true flavor with a fresh twist.

That’s kind of our dynamic:

We’ve got a experienced bartender and man-of-world putting together a podcast to enlighten, to entertain, to sate the masses. He’s seen things, he’s read things, he’s learned things.  And Bar None is the culmination of this man’s journey.  He’s the old favorite, the sure bet, the classic.

The making of Bar None is the start of my own.  A jack-of-all-trades by nature, nurtured on by the most addictive spirit of curiosity, I am crafting a world around this podcast.  While his job is to craft the firewater, mine, dear horses, is to bring you to it.  Years of experience in theatre and education, sales and marketing, fundraising and networking, have led me to this point: a wild and fresh frontier on the rolling audio waves.  I’m the wildcard.

He’s an old hand, and expert and a craftsman.  I’m more the travelling salesman, armed with my charm, my wits, and my will.

 And this time, I think I’m finally peddling something more than snakeoil:  I’m peddling gold.

We’re mixing this thing now, but when the order’s up, I think you’ll like what we have to serve you.


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