Looking Back at Yesterday's Hits Once the Popcorn Settles

Better by a Site

Photo by K.Cassady. Keyboard by Acer

So we’re playing a bit fast and loose here.

The last site we had was… well it looked kind of… I mean…

It looked like an early 90’s website.

Boo hiss.

And we’re not about the early 90’s.  Well, not the 1990’s.  Not yet, anyway.

So we’re still mixing up the medicine (the tune in my head goes to Chumbawumba)

Here’s the deal.  I’ve spent the last two hours playing around on weebly, on wix, on wordpress, and frankly, I like wordpress best so far.

Not just because it’s my roots.

Not just because it uploads images without crashing (weebly!).

Not just because it links to social media automatically (wix!)

Not just because it lets me post from my phone (wix again!)

But because it just looks better with my photos.

So far it’s been the best site to show off our upcoming podcast on. Bar None.

So tell me, midnight readers… what are your thoughts on the various platforms?

– K

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