Looking Back at Yesterday's Hits Once the Popcorn Settles

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  • Coming Soon – Back Bar

    A big announcement about season three and the future of our humble little show! What you need to know: -Go into your podcasts and find the new show “Back Bar” -Hit Subscribe -Wait a month and the classics from seasons one & two of Bar None will appear for your downloading pleasure -Tune in next […]

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  • Check out our latest!

    Check out our latest!

    We’re gearing up for season 2, and in that spirit, we’re bringing you our first episode without spirits! May 1 marked the release of our Season 2 preamble: One Hundred Percent Virtue, celebrating the making of that signature mocktail, the Shirley Temple. Give us a listen, and if you’re in the mood for a good […]

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  • A Curious Cocktail

    The best things are often a mix of something old and new.  A familiar, tried-and-true flavor with a fresh twist. That’s kind of our dynamic: We’ve got a experienced bartender and man-of-world putting together a podcast to enlighten, to entertain, to sate the masses. He’s seen things, he’s read things, he’s learned things.  And Bar None […]

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  • Better by a Site

    So we’re playing a bit fast and loose here. The last site we had was… well it looked kind of… I mean… It looked like an early 90’s website. Boo hiss. And we’re not about the early 90’s.  Well, not the 1990’s.  Not yet, anyway. So we’re still mixing up the medicine (the tune in […]

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