Looking Back at Yesterday's Hits Once the Popcorn Settles

Semi-Social Media

So a bit about what we’re gonna track here, in this podcast, in this little movement we’re making with our…media… we’re gonna cover the social scene that comes with the movement of cocktails.  Or the movements cocktails moved.  Or the…

Anyway.  We (Americans, anyway) have gone from a home-grown house-party culture to a out-at-the-bar, not-in-your-car drinking culture, to a social media driven hybrid phenomenon that, one drink too many, posts one tweet too far.  And this, by the way, is written here in broad historical strokes that only seem short in the life of a cocktail recipe.

So yeah.  As we cover the change in social drinking, we kind of get to do so while following some new rules of social media etiquette.  Because wherever we’re drinking, we’re drinking online.

So here we are.  Blog two.  A month later.  We’ve got our social media up.  Twitter and Instagram are growing (they’re very phone friendly).  Facebook‘s saving face.  And now we’ve got our latest player in the game up: Our site.  /blog.  /site.

Okay, we’re still working on the youtube channel (note the lack of link)  We’re talking through when that’s gonna come up.

But people might ask me, might ask Greg, where’s your site been?  What took so long?

Honestly, it was that donate button.  We had to decide on our business status, if we wanted to do this nonprofit or whatnot, and how that button was going to work.

So for now, I want this site up.  So that button exists, but it’s WIP.

Because it’s April.  And we’re testing our pilot at the end of the month.  And I think you all are going to like that more than you’ll like a working donate button (though if you wish we had one, just message us…)

So while we get the ingredients together for the pilot, and get ready to release a draught at the end of April, we hope you don’t mind some lack of sheen on our site.

In fact, if you see something, say something!  (Oh god, that recalls the metro in DC… ugh)  We want your feedback, your critique, your input.

We’re brewing up a fresh podcast for you all, so in the meantime, let us know if there’s anything you’re peckish for… and we’ll see what we can’t do.

– K

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